SG speaker at the Decision Science Forum 2010

We are pleased to announce that we will present Hermes on September, 6th 2010 at the Decision Science Forum organized by Systems Navigator ( the editor of Scenario Navigator the only cross simulation engine editor!

The Decision Science Forum is a conference on decision support technology and applications based on simulation, optimization and serious gaming. It is hosted in Amsterdam near the Schiphol Airport. The conference lasts for three days with two days spent on training to Scenario Navigator, Arena and Simio (both being discrete event simulation engine).

At the conference we will speak about Hermes which is the first serious game application to a discrete event simulation engine.

If you cannot come to the event, feel free to ask us for a debriefing at the email address on the contact page ( We would be happy to share a coffee and our thoughts about this conference be it in Paris or in Sydney.

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