Serious Games apply video games technologies such as graphics, gameplay mechanics and narrative processes to serious organization purposes.

  • Graphics in terms of training mean the great leap forward from simple e-learning slides to fully interactive real time 3D environments.
  • Gameplay mechanics is the introduction of addictive efficient incentives to learn by yourself.
  • Narrative processes are increasing the immersion and the likelihood of retaining knowledge from the game.
  • Last but not least, collaborative aspects derived from multiplayer games are not to be underestimated especially for teambuilding.

Training has been the first purpose of serious games. Throughout history the military and the healthcare sectors have pioneered the application of new communication technologies for training purposes. Recently a lot of companies realized the potential of video games for immersive and interactive training.

At Subversive Games we believe training with video games is best used when applied to professional software such as discrete event simulation engines. We anchor back processes and system management in reality with a great dose of interaction and collaborative work. In short, we simplify access to complex problems, empowering any of your employee as an expert-to-be.

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