Video games for marketing are the nec plus ultra for your CRM suite.

Addictive games + your brand + feed to your CRM pipe = great value!


At Subversive Games we design video games to deliver the message your company wants to the target you have in mind. Video games for marketing range from the small advertgame about one product or one message to the complexity of a 360 degree marketing solution* like Fuso Truck Empire. Great value is measured and we are adept at building metrics to analyze your serious game performances:

  • Cost per Mille, Click through rate, Cost per Acquisition, Daily active users, Monthly active users, Total games played, Average time of game, etc ... You ask which metric you want, we implement!
  • Performance is also business efficiency as we offer direct interfacing with your CRM suite to maximize your return by generating leads from the game.
  • Our experienced team always designs cross-platform applications so that you can optimize your brand's presence on PC, Macs, Linux, iPhone, iPad and android phones.


*360 degree marketing is applied communication to your clients, suppliers, employees and every stakeholder of the company. Offer them the opportunity to play a business game about your company!


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